This website is compiled by an editorial team of representatives of Copyright Information Points from all over the Netherlands.

Redactie Auteursrechten.nl

Cynthia Halfwerk
Cynthia is the chair of the editorial team of Auteursrechten.nl, an information specialist at the Library of Saxion University of Applied Sciences, an advisor at the Copyright Information Point of Saxion University of Applied Sciences and a co-chair of the Copyright Information Points Network for universities of applied sciences (NAI-hbo). Her expertise lies in copyright and open education.

Jurjan Boer
In his role as information specialist at the media centre of the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences on the Leeuwarden campus, Jurjan is the contact information point contact who helps students, lecturers and researchers with information and advice on the publication and (re)use of (digital) materials.

Arjan Doolaar
Arjan works as an information specialist at HAN University of Applied Sciences. He is the chairman of the APA Working Group. His expertise lies in APA Style source referencing.

Dorine Kieft
Dorine works as a scientific information specialist at the University of Groningen. Her work on copyright specifically concerns (open access) publications and reuse of materials in education.

Jeroen Dalstra
Jeroen works as an information and collection specialist at the Radbout University Library of Legal Studies in Nijmegen. He is a member of the Copyright Information Point. His work on copyright mainly consists of advising and informing lecturers about the reuse of (digital) materials in education.

Annelies Kuijten
Annelies is a knowledge partner for Economics at Avans University of Applied Sciences. It informs and advises lecturers on the use of information skills, copyright and the application of the APA Style. She is also a member of the national APA working group.

Dafne Vencken
Dafne works for SURF and is a webmaster for Auteursrechten.nl. She ensures that the content provided by the editorial team is edited and compiled and then posted on the website.