APA guidelines

All APA guidelines can be found in the 7th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association: The official guide to APA Style, published in 2020.

Shortly after the introduction of the updated APA guidelines, Project APA7 was established, a collaborative effort of nine information literacy specialists in higher education in the Netherlands. Project APA7 is part of Information Literacy (Dutch only), a national working group of the UKB (partnership of Dutch university libraries and The National Library of the Netherlands) and the SHB (collaborating universities of applied sciences libraries in the Netherlands). Project APA7 has created 12 instructional videos on APA Style, both in Dutch and English, see APA video.

The instructional videos can also be viewed as part of the libguide APA guidelines, published by the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. This libguide provides an overview of the main APA guidelines, aimed at foreign students in the Netherlands.

Universities that provide libguides can embed, copy and/or modify the content of this libguide into their own libguide, see: