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What does 'privacy by design' mean?

April 19, 2024

Privacy by design means that privacy aspects are already taken into account during the development of products and services (such as information systems). For example, by taking extra (technical) measures...

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Can I record a class?

April 16, 2024

Recordings of a class clearly show the lecturer and students (either moving or still). You need permission (tacit or otherwise) to make such recordings as individuals may always choose not...

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What is Privacy by Default?

April 3, 2024

Privacy by Default is when the default settings of a program, app, website, service or device aim to ensure maximum privacy. Some examples of situations lacking privacy by default: Default...

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What is the GDPR?

February 12, 2024

GDPR is the abbreviation of the General Data Protection Regulation. The GDPR replaced the Personal Data Protection Act in the Netherlands on 25 May 2018. This new EU regulation applies...

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