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Whose copyrights will I have to deal with when I create a video myself?

Audio and video

As the creator of your own original video, you have the copyright in your video. This right is linked to the creativity you demonstrate: the ideas and creation of a scenario, the direction of the video and/or photography of the footage with the camera.

You may also be creating your video together with others who also make creative contributions and can therefore also assert copyright in the video. The producer of videos or films is also known to the law: they bore the financial risk of the production of the video or film and hired all the staff.

If the video is shot by a person at their own expense, they are both the creator and producer. If there are multiple contributors, the Dutch Copyright Act stipulates that all exploitation rights in the video automatically belong to the producer, unless they have concluded a different agreement with the contributors in writing. This means that if someone else wants to obtain the rights to use the video, they only need to contact one party.

If you have created the video in the context of your employment or if your employer has specifically instructed you to do so, in principle the copyright in the video belongs to your employer, the education institution. If you are in charge of the shooting and also making a creative contribution in that respect, you may be considered as the (main) director. You will have to deal with the rights of others if other people are contributing to or acting in your video and if you want to include (parts of) other people’s recordings in your video.