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What are collective management organisations (CMO)?

Collective management organisations

Collective management organisations manage the exploitation rights of certain groups of rightsholders. You can contact these rights organisations to quickly obtain permission for the use of several works by various creators for a fee. 

They grant licences for the reuse of works at standard rates. These rates are lower for non-commercial educational institutions than for commercial parties. The most popular collective management organisations in the Netherlands are listed below: 

  • Buma/Stemra manages the copyrights of composers, copywriters and publishers. 
  • FilmService gives copyright permission for film screenings on behalf of film rights holders. FilmService and the VH have entered into an agreement for screening films in the context of entertainment or recreation within universities of applied sciences.
  • Pictoright manages the copyrights of artists, photographers, illustrators and architects. 
  • Norma manages the neighbouring rights of performing artists such as actors, musicians and dancers. 
  • Sena distributes the audio revenue from neighbouring rights for the use of music for the benefit of performing musicians and record companies. 
  • Stichting Leenrecht collects and distributes fees for the lending of copyrighted materials by libraries. 
  • Stichting Lira is a copyright organisation for and by writers, translators and freelance journalists. Lira (collectively) manages copyrights and rights and distributes fees among all copywriters who are entitled to them. Lira supports their social and cultural position through the Lira Fund. 
  • Stichting UvO manages publishers' copyrights. With the help of the umbrella organisations VH and UNL, a collective agreement has been concluded with Stichting UvO for the short-term use of works at universities of applied science and research universities. 
  • Stichting Reprorecht collects and distributes fees for paper-to-paper copying of information from books, magazines, newspapers and other copyright-protected works. 
  • Stichting Thuiskopie collects and distributes fees for copies for personal study, use or practise. 
  • Videma manages the copyrights of rights holders of TV programmes. Through the VH, a collective agreement has been concluded with Videma regarding the screening of TV programmes within universities of applied sciences.
  • VOICE is the umbrella organisation of all these collective management organisations. It also uses the CMO certification mark, which is reviewed annually by an independent auditor.