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Someone else would like to use my recording in their own video. Is that allowed?

Audio and video

The other party may only do this with your permission, unless they can invoke the right to quote, which only allows the copying of an extract.

If you used existing parts of someone else's film(s) in your recordings, this is regarded as a compilation for which you need to obtain permission from the rightsholders. The person who wants to copy your video must therefore ask their permission to use it, as the existing resources will be copied and disclosed again.

The party using your video may also need the permission of others who have their own rights to their contributions to your video, such as the composer and lyricist of music created specifically for your video. If others have also worked on your video (actors, musicians, scriptwriter, etc.) and you can be regarded as the producer, the party using your video can simply ask for your permission. If you are a lecturer who made the video in the context of your employment, the party using your video must ask your employer, the education institution, for its permission to use the video (i.e. a licence). In short: make sure that the reuse of your audiovisual resources is properly arranged. Make good arrangements with the parties involved in the production in advance.