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Is permission required for the use of copyrighted (audio)visual works in education?

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Playing or showing an audiovisual work (in its entirety) is permitted without permission, provided that the following conditions are met:

  • Playing or showing the audiovisual work serves an educational purpose during a class/working group/lecture and is part of the education programme.
  • The audiovisual work must be played/shown physically at the education institution itself.
  • It has to be played/shown in the context of non-commercial education.

The 'Beeld & Geluid op School' licence enables lecturers and students to use archived television, radio and film resources in an educational setting.

Anyone who wants to reuse a work in another way, for example by putting (part of) it in a digital learning environment, has to arrange the rightsholder's permission (licence). Please note that for your own productions, you may also need to ask other contributors who are not rightsholders to sign a contributor declaration. This applies to people who are clearly visible in the film, for example.

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