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Citing sources

How do I refer to multiple publications with the same author(s) and same year?

APA In-text citation
APA Reference list

Include a lowercase letter after the year: a, b, c, etc. In case of no date (n.d.) use a dash: n.d.-a, n.d.-b, etc.
The order in the reference list, and therefore what year gets an 'a' and what year gets a 'b' is determined by the date and the title of the publication:

CBS. (2024a, March 29). Economic picture deteriorates again. Retrieved April 3, 2024, from

CBS. (2024b, April 2). Retail turnover up by 3 percent in February. Retrieved April 3, 2024, from

Parenthetical citations: (CBS, 2024a, 2024b)
Narrative citations: CBS (2024a, 2024b)